As part of its educational and service missions, Appalachian State University is committed to serving the wider community through research, consulting, and participation in other activities. However, the University also is required to ensure that these activities are conducted in ways that are consistent with federal and state law and the University's interests and appropriate management of its operations. The interests and commitments of the various parties engaged in external activities are complex and occasionally may conflict with or compromise an employee's responsibilities to the University. Such conflicts are not necessarily prohibited – but they do require disclosure and discussion to ensure that the interests of all parties are addressed.

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Pursuant to University policy and/or to comply with federal laws and regulations, you are required to complete the Disclosure Form for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Annual administration of conflict of interest and conflict of commitment reporting (due by October 1 of each year)(applies to all faculty and EPA non-faculty employees)
  • In connection with your application for external funding or participation in externally funded research or other programs
  • Assumption of new University employment responsibilities
  • Change in external relationships giving rise to a potential conflict of interest or commitment
  • To eliminate a potential conflict previously disclosed
  • To update answers previously provided on the Disclosure Form (e.g., to answer affirmatively a question previously answered in the negative)

Please log-in and complete the annual Disclosure Form at appstate.myresearchonline.org/air/.  If any information you report changes between now and your next annual disclosure, you must file an updated Disclosure Form. 

A Training module is available at appstate.myresearchonline.org/coi-training.  Individuals involved in PHS-funded research will be prompted to complete this training at least every four years.  Other individuals will be required to complete the training as outlined in ASU Policy 604.6, section